Law Office of Kenneth V. Hoffman

Prompt and professional legal service at reasonable rates.

Estate Planning – A thorough estate plan can provide you with peace of mind now and make things easier on your loved ones at the time of your death.  Are you in need of a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney or Living Will?  Our office provides prompt and professional service at reasonable rates.  Let an experienced estate planning attorney assist you in setting up, or reviewing, your estate plan today.


Probate / Estate Administration – When a family member dies, loved ones are often left wondering what to do.  Call our office to meet with a qualified probate lawyer.  We look for simple, inexpensive ways to deal with the decedent’s affairs.  If a probate is needed, our office will make the process as easy as possible, usually at a flat fee.


Small Business – We can help you set up your small business and find solutions to administrative, employee or tax problems you may face in the future.  It’s crucial in today’s world to put important agreements in writing, and we can help there too!  Contact our office to meet with a practical small business lawyer.


Real Estate - We can guide you through a purchase or sale: real estate contracts or deeds of trust; foreclosures, easements and boundary disputes; commercial and residential leases and evictions.  Call to schedule a consultation with a real estate attorney who has been practicing in Vancouver, Washington since 1982.